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At Fundodai, we are working on a national movement to reduce food loss.

This time, we will implement a food loss initiative plan to work on the national movement to reduce food loss as a food manufacturer. Don't waste your products! As food loss has become a social problem, we have repeatedly considered whether there is a way for us to use it, and we will consider whether there is a plan that everyone can use effectively . We are implementing a gift campaign only for customers who use our mail order site for products with a shortened expiration date and for those who wish .

★ Present products: Expiration date October 9, 2020 Only products

It will end as soon as there are no more products, but it will be a mail order limited project on our site where the following products will be delivered free of charge to the products purchased by mail order. We hope that you will take this opportunity to get to know our products widely and use them in your daily cooking.

Free gift

You cannot apply for free gifts only. It will be a free gift only for those who purchased the product.

◆ Click Post / Kumamoto Premium Products are not eligible ◆

You will be asked to check the check box when ordering, so

It will not be delivered to those who do not need it. If you have any questions, please contact us.

As for the products, the following expiration dates are currently available.

* If you have purchased Click Post / Kumamoto Premium, please note that you will not receive the product even if you check "◎ Get" in the check box when ordering.


"Present only for those who wish"


Made with clear soy sauce

Dashi soy sauce

Best-by date October 9, 2020 Product

Add the flavor of dried bonito and kelp to the popular transparent soy sauce!

Clear soy sauce is easier to use, just sprinkle

You can naturally feel the taste of "soy sauce," "bonito," and "kelp."

It is a transparent soy sauce.

It is perfect for not only Japanese food but also Western food.


Since the expiration date is only for the above products, it will be an expired product.

Only those who wish will be shipped, so please let us know when ordering.

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